Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Quick Snip

So I had been giving Jared a hard time for his *horribly* long hair-just as I do every time it gets past a certain length. So I finally convinced him to let me practice cutting hair and game him a quick(if quick is an hour) snip:)) he looks studdly

Breathe it in

While we were staying in Asilomar for our family reunion, I really enjoyed being right on this beautiful beach. I love how different it is from HB. Instead of our touristy surf city, it was a simple place to be. Someone once told me that the ocean emits positive ions which enter our body, and that's why taking a deep breath at the beach makes you so happy...I don't know how much I believe the science behind that, but I sure do love taking a moment to breathe and capture the beauty. My little cousins seemed to enjoy it too. They are honestly just too cute to be true.

Friday, January 18, 2013


So I am in a ceramics class at my high school-for four more days when I graduate. but its been an interesting semester learning this new art. It was been so fun, but I don't know anyone in my class so sometimes it's a bit awkward, but everything I do in here is my own creation. Mine alone. Most of them turn out quite poorly. Not at all like what's in my head. But that's because I tend to be a perfectionist until a certain point when I over think it, and just end up not caring in the end. But just as in life, I learned that perseverance is key. And sometimes things actually work out in the end. Its the process that counts tho. That's where you learn the most.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bless-ed am I

 I have never been so excited in my life..maybe i have, but i seriously can not recall a time that could reach this. September 11, 2012 my best friend in the whole freaking universe moved to Spain. We did literally everything together and I couldn't imagine life without her. To say the least its been a journey. But I have learned a lot about myself, and the things I want. I really do a lot for myself now. Which may sound selfish-ish but sometimes its necessary to take care of yourself before you can conquer the world. I miss Tessa Lynn everyday. But we are so blessed. we have truly learned that we LOVE technology. Before she left we had all these great ideas of how we would keep in touch, the main source being letters--which we still write. BUT as Napoleon Dynamite's brother sings.."I love technology, but not as much as you you see." Tessa and I basically every time we talk, which is like min  3 times a week if not 7. who am i kidding, its 7, sometimes 10..but we realize how cool it is that we can SEE each other from across the world. Mind blown. Skype is AMAZING! but sometimes inconvenient with our 9 hour time difference. So blessing number 2000 she has an American land line in Spain, so we can call each other WHENEVER!! normally their about 10 min conversations sometimes simply to say goodnight. Ok i have to say it. ARE WE NOT THE CUTEST BEST FRIENDS EVER!?! we think so. haha

OK. But this is why I am excited. 

I'm going to cry just thinking that it is actually happening. We had planned on it because my dad had sky miles that made a free trip, but then when flights were never going to work out for less than $600 we gave up. not easily mind you, we were quite devastated. But my mom told me to come home for lunch one day to "talk about going to Spain. Dont get too excited." Nervous that it wouldnt work out again, the process of getting the tickets, well lets just say i have really short nails now. But it was truly ment to be. We got my round trip for $89. Then the next day couldnt have bought ANY. I am so excited to finally be with my best friend again. It is amazing to call and PLAN a trip together. We are getting ideas for everything we are going to do, even trying to go backpacking-if we can convince the parental units in EsPAInia. fingers crossed. I seriously want to cry each time i think about it--which is a lot because I have a count down app on my phone. I M GOING TO SPAIN!! How bless-ed are we? 7 times 70 plus 100000000. that much bless-ed. 

 possible train ride/backpack/hostel destination. taking a sleeper train from Barcelona to Beziers.


Thats how i see it,
Laurel E

Back from Savasana (Part 3)

My three sister and their husbands came home for christmas, and I loved every minute of it. We loved christmas ate a TON and went then spent some time in Asilomar, for our family reunion. These pictures basically explain themselves...haha who am i kidding, none of them do. Have fun making up your own stories to fill in what you think happens in my life ;) Here's what happened during the rest of my Savasana (confused? See parts 1 and 2.)

 lil mini me

 I love my cuzes

 presh right?
 ok this one deserves some explanation. we were playing on the beach and found the part of sea weed that holds everything together, no basically a long peice of sea rope. we spun it around and played that game you play in kindergarden. all 40 some odd of us! I love my family.
 17 mile drive through Pebble beach
i love the world.
Thats how i see it,
Laurel Evans

Back from Savasana (part 2)

Hello :) back from Savasana...again. So next little update/ photo journal para me. I went to Utah a few weeks before..or after..I dont remember. hahaha. But I spent a lot of time with alyssa again. Let me tell you, I LOVE spending time with her. If you can't tell, we kind of have too much fun. So these pictures, happened one early morning after it snowed. We woke up early so that we could go get breakfast with my family. But earlier so that we could get ready. I went in the bathroom and two mins later had banging on the door, "get out!! were going to play in the snow!" huh?? My hair was still wet from a shower and no make-up on. To say the least, I was quite cold--then multiplied by two million by rolling in the snow.
 worth it
in the end.
to be continued in part three ;)
Thats how i see it,
Laurel Evans

Back from Savasana (Part 1)

Ok so I'm back from the dead!! or Savasana--translated as corpse-a yoga pose where you literally just lay on the ground 102% relaxed thinking of nothing..falling asleep..or going to the strange places in your mind. I really actually am not a yoga person at all, but did a class yesterday with a few of my gals from church! I really want to be a yoga person now. I loved it so much. Anyways, thats not why I am here. I got out of the habit of sharing my photos with y'all and I'm coming back:) I missed you!!

December was wonderful!! I went to New York with my sister Alyssa and my parents for our 18th birthdays (even tho she's 20) we simply had a ball! I loved spending so much time with her. We were only there for five days-which is not long at all but super exhausting--like Europe exhausting--when you try to squeeze everything New York in. We went to the Moa, the Guggenheim, the Empire state building--which was right outside our teeny tiny hotel room, you could see it from the window!! X)--The statue of Liberty, after getting very very lost, time square, time square time square, Macies store, times square, saw Marry poppins, saw NEWSIES!!--for only $30 instead of $150, after literally RUNNING to the lottery at the theater. central park, Rockerfella Center, Plaza hotel-mind you we defiantly did NOT stay there, just walked in the lobby, FAO Swortz....and more. hahaha Im sure you wanted to know all that, but really, if you go to New York, you cant miss ANY of that. and you have to get pizza, im pretty sure we ate pizza 3 times a day. SO good. But i haven't had pizza since-a month later. Any ways. Thats it for now, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures!
View from Empire state building!

Chrysler Building 
 and those are birds..
 lights on Christmas tree at Rockerfella Center
 Dealing with my baby and the cold..
 Street food! I love this photo, its so artsy! I had a lot of fun shooting the venders!
 New York in a Picture
 Or this Picture, Time Square.
One of the 10000000002 jumbotrons

Im coming back to fill in the rest of my time away on part two!!
Thats how i see it,
Laurel Evans