Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Big Bear Fest

For winter youth conference our ward went up to big bear. Jared and I had to go up late because we saw a Brian Regan concert in LA the day everyone left-a word to the wise and the hysterics: don't die till you see him. AMAZING! But we woke up early the next day--exhausted--and jared Alex and i drove up the mnt. Yes it was a beautiful sun rise making the mountains all different colors across the horizon, and yes we got nice and sick winding up the road. But upon arrival we were warmly greeted and hugged..they apparently missed us all;) or so we like to think. But it was sure fun being up there with everyone. Although the snow was not as thick as we had anticipated, the 55 degree weather worked out just fine. Sledding was a funny sight with the snow, sun, and short sleeves. But when we were not sledding, we dressed warm and were just a dandy temperature. I loved taking pictures in the snow, lighting always seemed to be perfect. Alex and Alisa(the two girls with me) just make the weekend a ball. I love them a lot. It's times like these I am so grateful for my friends. They're all good people.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Strange Friends We Are

We took another photo adventure to the Hyatt scouting out places with good lighting for senior photos. But since Alex came late Jared and I discovered the power of a self timer. We propped my camera up on a chair and one person focused it and hit the 10sec timer-which is a long time to wait for an awkward photo to be taken. Haha but we sure had fun and he looked pretty spiffy in his suit. And every time I look at these photos I just have to laugh a little. We're kind of strange friends are we not? They made for some good memories though! Thanks Jared:) and thanks Hyatt!