Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I woke up last Saturday after dreaming of cinnamon rolls. Obviously i wanted some really bad. But i was really hungry RIGHT THEN. I didnt really want to wait hours for some dough to rise. So i found a recipe that required no wait :)

I made a really STICKY dough (next time i would probably add more than the called for flour) and rolled it out onto the counter.
Sprinkled the brown sugar, cinnamon filling over the top, and rolled it up! (what a mess!)
Then i cut the roll into six small rolls (even though it said 12) and put them into a muffin tin.
Popped them in the oven and drizzled homemade ream cheese icing over the top.

Again. a huge mess to clean up. But i got my craved breakfast, and it was devine. So worth it.

Thats how i see it,
Laurel E

Precious Baby

 I went over to Emily's house the other day, and her sister was over with her kids. This sweet baby just woke up from a nap and i couldn't help snap some photos. Such a beautiful baby boy. I am so excited for my sisters to start having kids, i can't wait to be an aunt :)
Thats how i see it,
Laurel E

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue Chairs and Tracks

Courtney and i went to Placentia Park the other day to tell stories and take photos. 
It was a blast capturing her face when she told of her cute adventures. 

She is truly beautiful, with all of her heart. 
 Its always fun to see what other people can capture with your camera. I liked this one. Good job courtney!

Keep traveling down the track. There are always happy moments in front of you.

That's how i see it,
Laurel E

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Burnin Papers

So these boys wanted to take a picture...reading burning papers. I was down!! 
it was funny getting started and finding a place the wind wouldnt burn our the fire right away.
but when we did, (find the very coolest wall ever, behind a restaurant, where the guy stood in the door way watching us burn newspapers behind his work) The pictures turned out quit fun! i enjoyed that moment.
but this moment, scared the pance off of me.  John burned is pinky and dropped his papers and went running. But Auddy started stamping them out as i watched them begin to fly, we freaked, stomped, and ran! All good adventures require a little risk.

Thats how i see it,
Laurel E

Banana Yum Pie

I had a few extra bananas laying in a bowl getting old. My dad used to work at a pie shop so for our Saturday project we made a banana cream pie.

we didnt hve a pie pan so we used a cicular normal brownie type pan...it fell..but we fixed it!
the best pudding of your life poured over a thick layer of bananas with home made whipping cream. YUM! is all i have to say.

and as always, DISHES to clean, always worth the delectable pie.

Thats how i see it,
Laurel E.

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Port Pier-ing

Before all my friends began to disappear, leaving on their adventures, to school and missions, we made a biking trip to the New Port Pier!  its about a 10 mile bike ride from my house along the beach. We had a ball of a time. They have the best corn  dogs there dipped right in front of your eyes, steaming hot when you get them. Its the experience that i love...along with the delicious corn dogs..
New Port
i love all of the colors here, it trully is a beautiful summer day when things look like this.
that's a bright sun..

they were so overwhelmed at the deliciousness of the corn dog they started going a little loopy..staring at the sun..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

PAR Prepared

So i'm on yearbook at my school, and i went to a golf game..match? on thursday. The first time i went to one of these, i drove all the way out there with my brother (who just joined yearbook and is learning how to become a photographer) and learned that he didn't have a memory card. My extra ones didn't fit in he billion and two year old camera. So he was just gonna tag along. We found the team on the put-put course, when the coach came up to us. Basically, it was a super strict place and we could only take pictures of them practicing and their first...hit? drive? play? hahah as you can see im very well versed in golf. So that was a disappointment. BUT! the worst was when i pulled out MY camera turned it on and clicked the shutter-release button.......and nothing happened. MY BATTERY WAS DEAD. tip to all new (newer than i-if it be possible)....BE PREPARED! maybe i should have become a boyscout so i wouldnt have to learn that lesson the hard way.... Anyways. I went to another on thursday, and it was a JV game and they were super chill, and i got to follow them around (ducking and covering..not my head but my camera..every time i heard "PAR!") i got some fun shots in the end. Check em out :)
Going Golfing?
 I like how many clubs EACH golfer has...they truly know the meaning of being prepared.
Text Top Golfer
Like knowing which lens to use, and how to focus, and all the million and two things i need to learn about my camera, a good golfer knows, and is prepared to choose from their many clubs.
There She Blows!
 So when you're in the pits...get out ;)
Just Chillin
that way you dont have to hide your face. (ok i just loved this. HOW FUNNY IS THAT!)

That's how i see it,
     Laurel E.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dont Be So Photo-Shy

Let me just say i love these boys. Whenever we go somewhere their first question is always "Laurel did you bring your camera?" then they precede with "i need a new profile picture". First of all, its funny how the pictures we take now a days are automatically assumed to be on facebook within the week...if not the hour. Second of all.. i dont mind taking pictures of these guys, cause one their pretty handsom young men, and two (and most important) im in love with my camera.
Hey Good Lookin
 Jared came over and got his new profile picture;)
Yes. Im Wonderful.
 Nathan looks bomb even in the worst lighting.
Excuse Me? Im Over Here
 how can you not love these guys that look 100% dorky just for a photo???

Birthday DELISH Dish

Have you ever had a cake that you could honestly die for? This tripple chocolate moose cake (i know just the name makes you want to like your lips) from Annies-eats.com was such a cake.
 calling for only the best of ingredients, this three hour process (not reading the directions right, and having to substitute a few ingredients) brought about a masterpiece.
 my mom and i had a great time making it together and i could not have asked for a better way to spend my birthday afternoon.
after eating a devine meal of steak and mashed potatoes, this delight was brought out....and devoured within the hour.