Monday, April 1, 2013

A Mormon Formal...Mormal

Kory and me <3 p="">

why yes. those are marshmello guns.
and yes. my shoes are ORANGE...and four inches tall :D

So because school dances are more often than not quite raunchy, the LDS church puts on a Mormon Formal, "Mormal" for the youth to be able to enjoy a clean dance together. It is always a ball. Because i turned 16 (the age that you are allowed to go to said mormal) when I was a sophomore, I have been to five mormals(2 sophomore year, 1 junior year, and 2 senior year), and two Proms (sophomore, and junior years....senior year prom was exnayed due to graduation, and moving on to bigger and better things). Above was my mormal #4 at Kory's mormal. I was SO excited for this one, because Kory is 6'4".....which means i get to wear HEELS....very exciting. but really, a dream come true. I could go on, and tell many stories, but I am tired, so just know....we had a BALL!

Laurel E


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  2. Though I do love you regardless! And this was very sweet. I had an amazing time :) thanks for letting me take you.

  3. Hey that was my dress. I think i now need it back! you made it fabulous also please send cute top that goes with it.

  4. the top detaches. see part two ;)