Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back from Savasana (Part 3)

My three sister and their husbands came home for christmas, and I loved every minute of it. We loved christmas ate a TON and went then spent some time in Asilomar, for our family reunion. These pictures basically explain themselves...haha who am i kidding, none of them do. Have fun making up your own stories to fill in what you think happens in my life ;) Here's what happened during the rest of my Savasana (confused? See parts 1 and 2.)

 lil mini me

 I love my cuzes

 presh right?
 ok this one deserves some explanation. we were playing on the beach and found the part of sea weed that holds everything together, no basically a long peice of sea rope. we spun it around and played that game you play in kindergarden. all 40 some odd of us! I love my family.
 17 mile drive through Pebble beach
i love the world.
Thats how i see it,
Laurel Evans

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  1. Laurel, I clicked on your blog through facebook and I must say you are quite handy with the camera! I just inherited my Dad's DSLR and i've been trying to learn. I'm super impressed!