Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back from Savasana (Part 1)

Ok so I'm back from the dead!! or Savasana--translated as corpse-a yoga pose where you literally just lay on the ground 102% relaxed thinking of nothing..falling asleep..or going to the strange places in your mind. I really actually am not a yoga person at all, but did a class yesterday with a few of my gals from church! I really want to be a yoga person now. I loved it so much. Anyways, thats not why I am here. I got out of the habit of sharing my photos with y'all and I'm coming back:) I missed you!!

December was wonderful!! I went to New York with my sister Alyssa and my parents for our 18th birthdays (even tho she's 20) we simply had a ball! I loved spending so much time with her. We were only there for five days-which is not long at all but super exhausting--like Europe exhausting--when you try to squeeze everything New York in. We went to the Moa, the Guggenheim, the Empire state building--which was right outside our teeny tiny hotel room, you could see it from the window!! X)--The statue of Liberty, after getting very very lost, time square, time square time square, Macies store, times square, saw Marry poppins, saw NEWSIES!!--for only $30 instead of $150, after literally RUNNING to the lottery at the theater. central park, Rockerfella Center, Plaza hotel-mind you we defiantly did NOT stay there, just walked in the lobby, FAO Swortz....and more. hahaha Im sure you wanted to know all that, but really, if you go to New York, you cant miss ANY of that. and you have to get pizza, im pretty sure we ate pizza 3 times a day. SO good. But i haven't had pizza since-a month later. Any ways. Thats it for now, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures!
View from Empire state building!

Chrysler Building 
 and those are birds..
 lights on Christmas tree at Rockerfella Center
 Dealing with my baby and the cold..
 Street food! I love this photo, its so artsy! I had a lot of fun shooting the venders!
 New York in a Picture
 Or this Picture, Time Square.
One of the 10000000002 jumbotrons

Im coming back to fill in the rest of my time away on part two!!
Thats how i see it,
Laurel Evans

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