Friday, September 28, 2012

Out With the Sun

 Jared and i went to the Wedge today for our drive down PCH and it was STUNNING!!
 i love this photo!
 what a cute tree right!!
 But the lighting was TERRIBLE so i started playing with the effects
 Playing with the effects
 here too
I love the green on the rocks.
 Karate Kid..
 i love this picture. i swear the bird wanted me to take pictures. but this was too funny...
Jared gave it bunny ears...yes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Farewell's Silhouette

My best friend moved to Spain yesterday. We had been plannning on going to this park to take pictures for sometime, but never got the chance. a few days before she left we finally made plans to get out there but by the time we did, it was getting dark. so i played around with the settings on my camera and came up with these! i love them! 

Quilt of Love

 if you are like me, you have about a billion and two t-shirts that you never wear but can just not seem to give up because they bring back such good memories.
best idea: Make a quilt. you will love snuggling up in it, and you empty out your closet just enough for some new clothes ;)

Beach Bums

 Brooke and Devin came to visit us and wanted to go to the beach, I did not want to go swimming so i brought along my camera. i found that with my camera i have come to levels or creeping. hahaha these are all pictures of people i do not know...if only i could send these to them! so if any of you know these random people that appened to be in huntington beach...let them know!
 i liked the colors of the beach. the way the buckets are tipped down and the boogie boards all over. I also like the father holding his little girl under the umbrella.
 Look how cute this sweet little girl playing in the sand. Don't you want to pinch her cheeks.
 yes. all i have to say is yes.
this lifeguard is running back to his tower after saving two lost souls drifting away in the current. he ran the whole way there and back.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Headbored and Frames

 My dad and i set out for a father daughter project. BUILDING A HEAD BORED. but this was no easy task. We painted ever piece of hand picked wood
 at least three or four times, using different colors for each coat.
 we cut them all in different sizes
 and placed them to gether
 (I just thought this was a cool picture)we put them all together framed it and hung it up behind my bed.
 We had some extra paint! so my mom and i went to goodwill and found a bunch of wood frames that i sanded down.
 it was a little messy...both hands
 and feet.
but it was super fun and they look awsome!

Fall Garden

when we were up in utah this summer, Alyssa had to water Aarons garden so the whole family went. it amazed me what you can plant. for you truly can only reap what you sew. And harvest only comes after much labor.

Life on Film

 Brooke and the flowers. playing with the fstop again! i am obsessed with this one.
 THIS IS REAL. i know. CRAZY! this is my sister and her new husband of one year! i love the lilies and the water fall. this is so up their ally too.
 i thought that this was the cutest shed! look how the tree barley touches the top. It reminds me of the tree in pochahontas, i know its not a willow, but its beautiful.
 i have learned that i really like wood...
Daily meal. my mouth is watering just looking at it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fields of Joy

 Right across the street from the temple the field had just been harvested. Our family vacation had officially become a photocation. This is my other sister and her new husband of one year! they are the very cutest that i know. We had a grand photoshoot:)
 Alyssa and i woke up early, and went out to the field the next morning before church. I took this shot three or for times as Alyssa tried to figure out where to go. Each time there was a huge sun in the top left hand corner, until i took it. It somehow turned the sky white each time. i thought it was interesting.
i loved the way her hair blended into the straw on this one.

Buy a DUCK get a TRUCK

This was the funniest thing I have ever seen. After we stopped at the Idaho Falls temple, we went to the falls, and this strange even was happening. Apparently everyone "adopts" a rubber duck and throws it into the falls and the first one to fall off wins a TRUCK! We were there for the after math when these guys were loading trucks up with the ducks they had fished out. yes. WIERD! But so fun to be around!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here I Am!!

My New Camera
I worked all sumer to buy a Nikon D3100. I have only had it for a few months, and i have loved every minute of it. This is one of the first pictures i took when playing with the fstop. I was really excited JIMMY(my camera) took this!