Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beach Bums

 Brooke and Devin came to visit us and wanted to go to the beach, I did not want to go swimming so i brought along my camera. i found that with my camera i have come to levels or creeping. hahaha these are all pictures of people i do not know...if only i could send these to them! so if any of you know these random people that appened to be in huntington beach...let them know!
 i liked the colors of the beach. the way the buckets are tipped down and the boogie boards all over. I also like the father holding his little girl under the umbrella.
 Look how cute this sweet little girl playing in the sand. Don't you want to pinch her cheeks.
 yes. all i have to say is yes.
this lifeguard is running back to his tower after saving two lost souls drifting away in the current. he ran the whole way there and back.

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