Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Somethings Stay the Same

Remember Tessa Lynn? The one who lives in Spain? Oh. Excuse me. liveD in Spain. Well. she is HOME!! where ever "home" is, she's back to me. That makes it "home". 

Just a few weeks ago I got to see her for the second time in about a year. YES. it was a joyous reunion. Although our lives had dramatically changed, we had stayed the same. I no longer in Huntington, no longer in high school, no longer 17 or 5 foot 8, at BYU with new friends, new experiences and a new life. Tessa starting another new life, no longer in Spain, no longer in Huntington, almost 18, finding a new home, new friends and about to start a new school. 10 months apart allowed so much change. So many things we have experienced, so many happy memories. The most amazing part of this entire journey, is that 10 months apart seems like nothing more than a day spent together. yes. Our reunion was joyous. But our moments spent together feels like nothing has changed. Still my favorite Tessa Lynn. Still the beautiful blond-hair-blue-eyed-sparky cheeka i love so dearly. We are still the cutest best friends there ever was. Now that she is in Utah, I see her just here and there. Super chill. She so easily fits in with all of my friends, and they may actually like her more than me. haha but when together, you'd never know we had been apart. Anywho. now that I've been all musshhhy muuushy, and woopdidoo, I sure to the high heavens love my tessa lynn, and am simply so grateful that she is back with me!

Peace out girl-scout

That's how i see it,
Laurel E


  1. Oh I love you more than words can say. You are too generous; for you see, youuuu are the wonderful one. The one that put so much effort into skyping me and calling me even for just a few minutes. You are the loyalest of friends. My best friend is better than anyone else's best friend. I hit jack pot when I met you, girl;) You are the gold at the end of the rainbow and I'm so grateful you are MY best friend!!
    Loving you,
    Tessa Lynn

  2. Adorable pictures and outfits!
    xoxo Chantel Petty