Thursday, October 11, 2012

PAR Prepared

So i'm on yearbook at my school, and i went to a golf game..match? on thursday. The first time i went to one of these, i drove all the way out there with my brother (who just joined yearbook and is learning how to become a photographer) and learned that he didn't have a memory card. My extra ones didn't fit in he billion and two year old camera. So he was just gonna tag along. We found the team on the put-put course, when the coach came up to us. Basically, it was a super strict place and we could only take pictures of them practicing and their first...hit? drive? play? hahah as you can see im very well versed in golf. So that was a disappointment. BUT! the worst was when i pulled out MY camera turned it on and clicked the shutter-release button.......and nothing happened. MY BATTERY WAS DEAD. tip to all new (newer than i-if it be possible)....BE PREPARED! maybe i should have become a boyscout so i wouldnt have to learn that lesson the hard way.... Anyways. I went to another on thursday, and it was a JV game and they were super chill, and i got to follow them around (ducking and covering..not my head but my camera..every time i heard "PAR!") i got some fun shots in the end. Check em out :)
Going Golfing?
 I like how many clubs EACH golfer has...they truly know the meaning of being prepared.
Text Top Golfer
Like knowing which lens to use, and how to focus, and all the million and two things i need to learn about my camera, a good golfer knows, and is prepared to choose from their many clubs.
There She Blows!
 So when you're in the pits...get out ;)
Just Chillin
that way you dont have to hide your face. (ok i just loved this. HOW FUNNY IS THAT!)

That's how i see it,
     Laurel E.

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